Poison that is stronger than G'd decision ?

What is Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye or al-ayn (simply “the eye” in Arabic) is a curse that is said to cause harm in varying degrees, from miniscule annoyances, to making one’s fortune dissolve, to igniting a string of bad luck—whatever that entails. It is said that one gets the Evil Eye by way of another person’s glare, praises, or compliments, whether ill-intentioned or not. A person can even give themselves the curse by acting without humility. For example, stubbornly refusing your aunts’ wisdom as you brag about your impeccable immune system is a solid way to curse yourself into getting sick, I can attest. Giving yourself the Evil Eye can even happen without the presence of others. A woman who stares in the mirror admiring her perfect skin one day might find she’s given herself the Evil Eye when she wakes up the next morning to a fresh breakout across her forehead.

Like all traditions, belief in the Evil Eye and what it entails differs from region to region, but its existence in cultures across oceans, religions, and millennia is remarkable. Today, belief in the curse exists in nearly every content, and Evil Eye charms can be found everywhere from street vendors in Greece to department stores like Bloomingdales (which has an entire Evil Eye jewellery collection).

Tree with nazar (eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against t
There are dozens of amulets, prayers, and rituals that people across the world believe they can use to both protect themselves from the curse and get rid of it. One of the most popular is a talisman called the Khamsa (in Arabic) or Hamsa (in Hebrew) that resembles an intricately carved hand. There’s also the nazar (most popular in Turkey), a royal blue glass bead with circles in the middle resembling a pupil. These symbols can be found in homes and on people of every faith from West Asia to Central America, placed on front doors, made into door knobs, worn as jewellery, draped on furniture, or simply placed around the person being protected. And although devoutly religious monotheists condemn amulets as superstitious and therefore sinful, talismans remain extremely common in homes of every faith. And in many parts of the world, prayer or invoking God’s name is considered one of the strongest ways to ward off the Evil Eye. (www.vice.com)

99% of people die because of Evil Eye

Following the Jewish "Talmud Yerushalmi" in "Shabbat' Chapter 14 phrase 3, it says that that 99% of people die from an Evil Eye earlier than the time G"d gave them.
As example if you visit in a cemetery you'll find out that 99% of the people died from Evil Eye and only 1% reached to the real age that determined by G-d.

How does it work?

Many have questioned how it is possible that one person’s negative gaze (and thoughts) can cause harm to another. The key is that it is not the evil eye on its own that causes the negative effects.

Here’s how it works:

G‑d is the epitome of kindness. As such, Heaven does not generally judge a person in the strictest possible manner. But when one negatively gazes at another’s good fortune with ill feelings or envy, he is essentially asking, “How come that person has XYZ?” This arouses the latent harsh judgment Above, and the person is judged strictly according to what he deserves. So if there is already some sort of existing sin, the evil eye can amplify it and cause the person to be judged in a strict and unfavorable fashion.7

To put it differently, when the Heavenly Court weighs the sins and merits of a person, both good and bad judgments result. When we note and speak of the good, we channel the good. And when someone views the other negatively, he channels the negative.

Based on this, we can understand why the sages tell us that an ayin harah also negatively affects the person who gazes with an evil eye, since the harsh judgment and scrutiny is visited upon both of them.

Our Solution

Secret mix of Zaatar Ruta and Green tea herbs following the Kababalah


Following the Jewish ancestors The za'atar is called "moss", Rabbi Moshe Zchut wrote on for his translation of the Zohar (Kabbalah) says that any person that carry "moss" any magic couldn't work on him
בפירושו על הזוהר (הובא במדבר קדמות מערכת הא'), שמי שהולך תמיד ויש עליו אזוב, לא יזיק לו כישוף. ורבינו האר"י אמר שיהיה האזוב תמיד על השלחן.

Rue (Ruta)

Various books, some of them 'Practical Kabballah' books, say that carrying leaves of ruta (rue) in the garment pocket protects the person from the evil eye. It is also said that planting a rooted plant in the garden or potted plant in the house, protects the inhabitants of the house from evil spirit and evil eye. It is also mentioned that the rotted grass protects against the snake venom, and predatory snake animals often eat the rotted plant leaves as protection against the snake venom. (Book of Medicine and Life, Published in Bacal, Jerusalem, 2004, p. 1, p. 2; The Book of Our Souls, Chapter 1; Midrash Talpiot, page M, p. 1; Raphael Ohana, "The Look of the Children," Book Fair, Jerusalem, pp. 195, 227).
בספרים שונים, חלקם ספרי 'קבלה מעשית', נכתב, כי נשיאת עלי רוטה בכיס הבגד, מגנה על האדם מפני עין הרע. עוד נכתב כי נטיעת צמח הרוטה בגינת הבית או בעציץ בבית, מגינה על יושבי הבית מפני רוח רעה ועין רעה. עוד מוזכר כי עשב הרוטה מגין כנגד ארס הנחש, ובעלי חיים טורפי נחשים אוכלים תדיר את עלי צמח הרוטה כהגנה מפני ארס הנחש. (ספר רפואה וחיים, הוצא' בקאל, ירושלים, תשל"ד, עמ' א, עמ' ב; ספר האח נפשינו, פרק א; מדרש תלפיות, דף מ, עמ' א; שם, דף קנה, עמ' ב; הר' רפאל אוחנה, "מראה הילדים", הוצא' יריד הספרים, ירושלים, עמ' 195, 227).

Green Tea

Proven Benefits of Green Tea. Green Tea Contains Bioactive Compounds That Improve Health. Compounds in Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function and Make You Smarter.

Perfect Combination for Great "Cure"

Together with the Zaatar "moss" that is able to dismantle any magic, Ruta that helps against evil eye and the proven record of green tea in the world, we believe that we create not just a tea but "Cure"

Amazing Moroccan Taste

With 100s of years of making tea in Morocco, we decided to manufacture the tea by the Moroccan spirit with it's great & fresh spices, the Ruta, Zaatar and Green tea are all being grown in Morocco and used to create this special product
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